It is easy to get stuck in the bubble - to limit oneself to what is familiar and looks safe. It is only when we break out of what we know that we begin to experience what true life is all about. Then, we open our vision on the word and start to learn with wild open eyes.

This experience all started on a journey to Bali in 2006. Falling under the charm of this island, life took me back there in 2015 making a life turn after a successful professional carrier in medical research and yes, some challenging health struggles too.

There, I started to immerge myself into the energy-giving culture and lurishing surroundings that no other such small island offers.

Inspired by the people, their passion and creativity, but most of all by their easyness to emerge from any situation with sometimes little in hands, I slowly enrolled into a new life adventure that quickly took me to express what I had always cherished : a passion for arts and a new eager for an entrepreneurial venture on my own.

Today, MADE MARTINE COLLECTION serves individuals and enterprises in Europe and the USA, from personal treats to enterprise customer gifts, and has established partnerships with several local artisan communities, creating one-of-the-kind collections of designer jewelry and fashionable bags.

MADE MARTINE COLLECTION is also a window to show-off the beauty of locally-made collections of home déco handicrafts.

Luxury is in Handmade – shop here exclusive high-end bags, scarves, jewellery and home decor accessories handcrafted to perfection from organic and genuine materials. Enjoy shopping with us and let us how you feel about it ..! It helps us better please you.

Made Martine