Satchel bag for women, handmade in Balinese ATA fern, with finest weaving and attention to details, this is an exclusive fashionable designer bag by MADE MARTINE COLLECTION.

Fashion accessory, decoration object, this bag undoubtfully is a heartblow and a very unique and elegant satchel bag with natural golden colors and shades.

It features a unique compartiment with a large utility space (25 x 19 x 11 cm) fully covered with handprinted Batik linen natural cotton with a traditional colourful floral motif on black layout. Woven bow closure. Made of one unique woven part (front-back sides and bottom basis), ensuring a perfect harmony of the bag with essential design and yet a very high strength. 

Its peculiarities : one long leather braid (56 cm), assymetric corrugated flap, perfect bag hold and large interior space.

Perfect for a hand hold bag or shortly worn on the shoulder, elegant and very chic, for the city or for work.

Handmade in Bali, Indonesia.

Size : 25 x 19H x 11W
Material : ATA fern
Code# : HBG-ATA-Sacoche
Availability : Out Of Stock