Indonesian Rod puppets (Wayang Golek)

Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Performing arts have a long cultural tradition in Bali and Java, with puppets theaters and story tellers being not only social entertainers but also communication channels of social, religious and spiritual values.

In the world of puppetry, Wayang Golek (wooden rod puppets) and Wayang Kulit (leather made puppets) are largely known as they represent those special heroes of the Ramayana Indian epics. The names of Rama and Sitha have become a legend that will always remind couples to be faithful and love each other until the end of life...

Wayang Kulit (

Symbolic representations of Hinduism, Indonesian puppetry is a unique art that embodies the Balinese traditional craftsmanship and make unique ornamental interior decorations at home.

Visit our collection: Rama and Sitha wayang golek puppets, uniquely crafted into soft wood and decorated with free-hand paintings and batiks.