Basket handicraft has a long tradition in Bali. Traditionally, baskets are religious attributes found in everyone's home and are colorful ornaments of the daily life.

They are typically used to carry the daily Hindu offerings to the Gods at the temples, the so-called "canang sari" - palm-tree woven basket as a tray filled with rice, flowers, candies or biscuits.

As tourism developed, the basket handicraft tradition has evolved to produce a large variety of utility and decoration objects.

From the plain baskets made of woven palm-leaf painted with bright and vibrant solid colors to more elaborated solid baskets made of woven bamboo, smoked, coated and finely decorated, Balinese baskets are woven in a very unique way. 

They vary in shapes, materiel and quality from one regency or village to another one. Nonetheless, and are all unique pieces of handicraft, ornament and aesthetic.

Beyond the tradition, Balinese artists are also always creating new shapes and patterns, maintaining the awesome beauty of those products.

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